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Should those on the Forbes List fear personal bankruptcy

The law on personal bankruptcy, which recently came into force, has already touched a number of very wealthy Russians on the Forbes List. Pravo.Ru has published a survey of lawyers about the prospects for this category of cases.

Grooming and paralleling

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev suggested, as one anti-crisis measure, the introduction of parallel imports in April. Since then, the development of this initiative, well, rather discussions about it, have been moved to the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) platform. By mid-September, on the eve of the next meeting of the EEC, appeared criteria for selecting the industries in which it would be possible to return to parallel imports. Ideal for the role of the “first victim” is the pharmaceutical industry, according to lawyers.


Administrative Procedure Code: what, how and why?

The Russian Administrative Procedures Code shall enter into force on September 15, 2015. It will regulate the procedures for consideration by the Supreme Court of Russia and the courts of general jurisdiction of administrative cases to protect the rights of citizens and organizations. On the eve of its coming into force, we asked legal practitioners to express their opinions about this new, already the twenty-first by count, Administrative Procedures Code. Special attention of the experts was drawn to the similarity of the Administrative Procedures Code with the Arbitration Procedure Code and the Civil Procedural Code of the Russian Federation and the unusual for modern Russian law, restrictions on legal representation.

Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice
Business and Life

The difficulties of interpretation

In the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, which amends the procedure for the designation of drugs, experts have found an item that contradicts the INN norms for statement preparations. The ministry explained: the new position is correlated with the current system of statements and prescribing of drugs, and the updates apply only to the internal circulation of medicinal products in a hospital. FAS Russia intends to check the rate of dispensing of medicinal products in hospitals for the presence of anti-competitive provisions.

Pharmaceutical Bulletin

House without land: why in Russia they divided ownership rights to real estate

Current Russian legislation provides for a separate legal regime for land and objects located on it. In such case, the land and buildings on it are treated as separate items, not one. The web portal Pravo.Ru looks at the history of this “separation”, why it is unique to Russia, and whether it is necessary to move away from this model to one used in developed jurisdictions, where everything that is built on the land – is its integral part, and not an independent item.

Igor Chumachenko, Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice

Real estate in new buildings: how not to transform one’s purchase into a game of “Russian Roulette”

The primary housing market in recent years has generally taken on a civilized appearance, and the process of buying an apartment in a new building, with every passing year, is becoming less and less a gamble. However, despite the fact that the regulatory authorities and the market have established fairly strict and transparent rules of the game, the ranks of defrauded investors continue being filled. Most of the dangers for buyers lie in the wording of contracts with developers.

Igor Chumachenko, Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice

Unlawful relations

The court has invalidated the latest edition of the company charter of Torgoviy Port LLC, the company through which an “affiliate” of the large Turkish manufacturer of cement Nukh Chimento conducted joint business activities with Rostov entrepreneurs. Experts rejected the minutes of the meeting of the shareholders, which had approved the charter. The controversial charter, according to the Turkish side, allowed their former partners to withdraw from the company a land lot and three ship berths.

Gorod N

FAS asked to set maximum prices for economy class tickets

MP offers antimonopolschikov, received tariff authority to introduce state regulation of prices for air tickets

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
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