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Вебинар VEGAS LEX и Право.ру: регулирование рекламы и маркетинга в России

14 сентября 2017 года юридическая фирма VEGAS LEX совместно с Право.ру провела вебинар на тему правового регулирования и особенностей осуществления маркетинговой деятельности компаний.


Maria Borzova speaks on RBC TV program, Pharmaceuticals with Polina Zvezdina

VEGAS LEX Manager of Life sciences projects Maria Borzova gave an expert assessment of the new pricing methodology for Vital and Essential Drugs (VED) on the RBC TV channel.


VEGAS LEX discusses VED pricing at RBC business breakfast

On August 29, 2017, VEGAS LEX Manager of Life sciences projects Maria Borzova moderated the session, Additional costs of pharmaceutical producers, held as part of the Vital and Essential Drugs (VED) price regulation business breakfast sponsored by RBC media holding and involving the Russian Ministry of Healthcare.


Как теперь ФНС будет доказывать неуплату налогов

Письмом ФНС России от 13.07.2017 № ЕД-4-2/13650@ направлены для исполнения территориальным органам методические рекомендации "Об исследовании и доказывании фактов умышленной неуплаты или неполной уплаты сумм налога (сбора)" , разработанные совместно со Следственным комитетом России. В Рекомендациях достаточно подробно описаны методики, предлагаемые к использованию для доказывания фактов умышленной неуплаты или неполной уплаты сумм налога (сбора) с целью привлечения к ответственности по п. 3 ст. 122 НК РФ, предусматривающему применение санкций в размере 40% от неуплаченной суммы. При этом авторы документа не скрывают, что не только преследуют цель увеличения размера штрафа по указанной статье, но и рассчитывают на улучшение уголовно-правовой перспективы материалов, направляемых в следственные органы для решения вопроса о возбуждении уголовного дела.


Налоговые штрафы могут вырасти

Письмом ФНС России от 13.07.2017 № ЕД-4-2/13650@ до сведения налогоплательщика доведены методические рекомендации Следственного комитета РФ и ФНС России "Об исследовании и доказывании фактов умышленной неуплаты или неполной уплаты суммы налога (сбора)". Указанный документ не является нормативным актом, но позволяет понять, какие действия будут предпринимать контролирующие органы при проведении проверок.


Corporate contracts in conformity with Russian law

It is well-known that over the past decade corporate contracts that affect major Russian businesses were signed in keeping with foreign laws. Judging by empirical evidence, English law was the most popular law used to guide most businesses. This practice has developed for various reasons, including the fact that Russian law did not allow commercial arrangements to be solidified in a satisfactory manner at the level of a legally binding contract.




HANDBOOK: How to sign a concession agreement without going through the bidding process: practical recommendations on private concession initiatives

This review contains recommendations that allow a potential investor to independently gauge the necessity of becoming involved in a concession project, to pinpoint the level of competency needed to prepare the documentation that is needed, to draw up a blueprint for results oriented toward the relevant goals, as well as a roadmap, meaning a list of the actions that are necessary to start the project, and to conduct a preliminary express analysis of the risks involved with the future project.


VEGAS Academy: regulatory updates for the Russian pharmaceutical sector, August 2017

Within the framework of VEGAS Academy platform, we continue our monthly series of video updates on the key regulatory developments in the Russian pharmaceutical sector (in English language).


Disclosing beneficiaries: the subtleties of performing obligations

Executive authorities can now require that legal entities disclose their beneficiaries. Treating the new regulations in an attentive manner can help avoid any unjustified accusations. By February 13th next year, the relevant authorized government agencies need to ratify the form their requirements will take, after which the mechanism will enter into full force. It will also permit controlling whether companies are meeting their associated requirements to clarify, update, and store information about their beneficiaries. However, practice in applying this has not taken shape yet, and along with that the law’s wording could result in ambiguous interpretations. That is why it is advisable for companies to pay attention to several important points.


Determining the approximate size of an economic entity’s market share

The VEGAS LEX group of companies has prepared analytical infographics devoted to determining the approximate size of a business entity's market share in order to effectively manage anti-monopoly risks.

Ksenia Podguzova, Associate of Commercial group

Provisions of the new Administrative Procedures Code of the Russian Federation

As part of judicial reform in the Russian Federation, on 08 March 2015, the Administrative Procedures Code was adopted. The provisions of the adopted Code will apply in the consideration of cases arising from administrative and other state relations, starting already on 15 September 2015. Moreover, the sphere regulated by this Code will include cases on which proceedings were commenced before the said date.

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice

Exclusion from the register of unfair suppliers: analysis of judicial practice

In the current economic situation, many companies are interested in participating in state procurement contests and in procurement tenders of individual legal entities, thus ensuring a certain level of economic stability for themselves. However, the opportunities for participation in such tenders are significantly reduced if company’s name ends up being listed in one of the registers of unscrupulous suppliers, since in their tender documentation, most customers include a requirement that participants in the tender should not be listed in the Register.

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
Yulia Polyakova, Associate of Commercial group
Ksenia Podguzova, Associate of Commercial group


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