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VEGAS LEX is a Top-4 best law firm in Russia. Forbes magazine ranking

Forbes magazine published the first rating of the best law firms in Russia, in which VEGAS LEX took 4th place! The magazine’s ranking includes leading Russian law firms specializing in various legal practices. The long list includes the largest revenue law firms from the Pravo.ru – 300 rating for 2019. The rating was released for the first time this year, but the editors intend to continue its annual publication in Russia.


VEGAS LEX's experts in the Pravo.ru-300 Individual Rating

The first individual lawyers' rankings introduced by Pravo.ru-300* recommend as many as seven experts of the VEGAS LEX law firm.


Wholesale Electric Power and Capacity Market of Russia: VEGAS LEX as Key Speaker at the Energy Forum

On December 11−13, 2019, the Areal Congress Hotel located near Moscow hosted the Wholesale Electric Power and Capacity Market of Russia: Practice and Prospects Forum arranged by BigpowerNews news agency and the Training Centre of Non-profit Partnership "Market Council". Evgeniy Rodin, Partner, Head of Energy Practice at VEGAS LEX, delivered a speech at the plenary session of the event and conducted three theme-based round-table discussions in the course of the forum.


Banks hold on to zeroing. The cancellation of VAT privileges for software did not please financiers

<p style="text-align: justify;"> Bankers are strongly opposed to the government’s proposal to compensate for budget losses from tax maneuvers in the IT industry by canceling VAT benefits for software. According to market participants, it is banks, as large consumers of software, that as a result will provide about half of payments to the budget. But at the same time, their own products are not subject to VAT, so offsetting is not possible. In this situation, financiers are asked to maintain benefits at least for banks, threatening to delay the development of informatization and the rise in price of services. Comments by Yuri Ivanov. </p>


The Supreme Court recalled how to prioritize the claims of creditors correctly

<p style="text-align: justify;"> The design bureau did not pay dividends to its shareholder. For this reason, the companies agreed that the debtor will repay the debt in several installments. No sooner had the bureau returned the money, it became bankrupt. The bankruptcy trustee decided to go to court to establish the nature of the dividend debt. He believed that these requirements could not be included in the registry. And three courts attributed these payments to current ones. The Supreme Court did not agree with this position and set aside the decisions of lower courts. Comments on Stanislav Shibulkin. </p>


The Justice Ministry is pushing a new Code of Administrative Offenses to the State Duma. The process of administrative prosecution of citizens has not led to international standards

<p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> <span style="font-size: 14px;">The public discussion of the draft new Code of Administrative Offense (CAO) and the Code of Procedure attached to it has ended. The Ministry of Justice has already published revised recurring versions of these documents. Experts note that civilians are left without administrative prosecution. For example, the participation of lawyers in such cases is not up to international standards. Comments by Stanislav Matyushov.</span> </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> <p> </p>




Antitrust Compliance Law Adopted

On March 1, 2020, the President of the Russian Federation signed a law amending the Law on the Protection of Competition and at the level of federal legislation defines the concept of antitrust compliance and the basic requirements for it.


SPIC 2.0: Mechanism for development of innovations and introduction of modern technologies

On 2 August 2019, the President of the Russian Federation signed a legislative package concerning significant reforms for the mechanism of special investment contracts. Amendments refer to legal regulation in industrial policy and affect tax and fiscal legislation.<br> <br> In this review, VEGAS LEX experts have analyzed changes, goals and prospects of the updated SPIC mechanism.


Analysis of competitive situation on digital markets: legislative initiatives and Russian experience

In the “fifth antimonopoly package”, Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia provides for the possibility to treat, in certain circumstances, the business entity, which owns infrastructure (platform) that is intended to organize and ensure cooperation of business entities and (or) consumers and which holds a commodities market share of less than 35 %, as occupying a dominant position. Specifically, it refers to the cases where network effects give such entity an opportunity to exercise a dominant influence on the general conditions of circulation of commodities and (or) remove other entities from the market and (or) impede access to the respective commodities market by other business entities.


Determining the approximate size of an economic entity’s market share

The VEGAS LEX group of companies has prepared analytical infographics devoted to determining the approximate size of a business entity's market share in order to effectively manage anti-monopoly risks.

Ksenia Podguzova, Senior Associate of Commercial group

Provisions of the new Administrative Procedures Code of the Russian Federation

As part of judicial reform in the Russian Federation, on 08 March 2015, the Administrative Procedures Code was adopted. The provisions of the adopted Code will apply in the consideration of cases arising from administrative and other state relations, starting already on 15 September 2015. Moreover, the sphere regulated by this Code will include cases on which proceedings were commenced before the said date.

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice

Exclusion from the register of unfair suppliers: analysis of judicial practice

In the current economic situation, many companies are interested in participating in state procurement contests and in procurement tenders of individual legal entities, thus ensuring a certain level of economic stability for themselves. However, the opportunities for participation in such tenders are significantly reduced if company’s name ends up being listed in one of the registers of unscrupulous suppliers, since in their tender documentation, most customers include a requirement that participants in the tender should not be listed in the Register.

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
Ksenia Podguzova, Senior Associate of Commercial group


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