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VEGAS LEX law firm is sponsor of seminar-conference on matters of regulation of procurement activities in oil and gas industry

On 8 June 2018, the VEGAS
LEX law firm, jointly with the National Oil and Gas Forum and involving FAS
Russia, held a legal hands-on seminar on the topic "New legislative
initiatives and arbitration practice in regulation of procurement activities".


Antimonopoly regulation in IT: foreign experience and Russian practice

On 1 June 2018, there was a seminar concerning "Antimonopoly regulation in IT: foreign experience and Russian practice" held in the office of VEGAS LEX law firm with representatives of FAS Russia involved.


Practice of getting insurance compensation: acute issues of loss adjustment

On 24 May 2018, VEGAS LEX law firm in association with Cunningham Lindsey and the Union of Insurance Experts and Adjusters, with the support of the Russian Managers and Developers Guild held a round-table meeting devoted to "Contemporary practice as to receiving insurance compensation. Client-oriented approach and a "fair loss".


Обзор изменений законодательства в сфере теплоснабжения за I квартал 2018 года

В I кв. 2018 г. основные нововведения в нормативном регулировании в сфере теплоснабжения были сфокусированы на корректировке (уточнении) процедуры формирования (расчета) и особенностях применения регулируемых цен (тарифов) в сфере теплоснабжения, а также особенностях предоставления регулируемыми организациями в адрес уполномоченного федерального органа исполнительной власти проектов схем теплоснабжения в электронном виде.


Violations in fulfilling a government defence order: when will an executive officer be held liable?

Administrative Violations Code of the Russian Federation provides for administrative liability for the executive officers of the general contractor for violation of the terms and conditions of the state contract for government defence order (hereinafter, GDO) as well as for the executive officers of the contractor for the breach of contract concluded in fulfilment of GDO. However, the administrative and judicial practice proves that, as of today, the executor of law has not developed a consistent approach to judging the lawfulness of holding the executive officers administratively liable where the violations in fulfilling GDO are caused by the actions of the government customers themselves or by other objective factors. To learn about the specific features of the set of elements of an offence under article 14.55 of the Administrative Violations Code of the Russian Federation in terms of qualification of the actions of the executive officers of the general contractor (contractor), the specifics of the parties, the problems of correlation of the institutes of administrative liability and civil liability as well as about the practice of application of the specified article and possible strategies of protection of the interests of senior executives of the general contractor (contractor) if the risk of holding them administratively liable arises, please read this article.


Restriction of shareholders’ voting rights: common scenario and consequences of restriction

In accordance with provisions of article 65.2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the participants of a corporation, including shareholders, shall have the basic right to participate in administration of the corporation’s affairs. In particular, this right shall be exercised through participation in a shareholders’ general meeting with the right to vote on all matters within its competence pursuant to clause 2 of article 31 of the Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies”, No.208-FZ, dated 26 December 1995. However, there are instances where the shareholder’s right to vote on the matters relating to management in a joint-stock company may be restricted by internal documents, shareholders’ agreement or by virtue of law and (or) court judgment. Depending on the reason for the said restriction, various legal consequences arise. The said restrictions and their consequences are considered further in greater detail.




Analysis of competitive situation on digital markets: legislative initiatives and Russian experience

In the “fifth antimonopoly package”, Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia provides for the possibility to treat, in certain circumstances, the business entity, which owns infrastructure (platform) that is intended to organize and ensure cooperation of business entities and (or) consumers and which holds a commodities market share of less than 35 %, as occupying a dominant position. Specifically, it refers to the cases where network effects give such entity an opportunity to exercise a dominant influence on the general conditions of circulation of commodities and (or) remove other entities from the market and (or) impede access to the respective commodities market by other business entities.


Overview of the practice in application by the FAS Russia of antimonopoly legislation for March-April 2018

The practice in application of the provisions of antimonopoly legislation is of a particular importance. Thus, having the knowledge of the current approaches to application of the antimonopoly legislation’s provisions, it is possible to forecast the possibilities and expediency of appealing the acts of antimonopoly authorities in the administrative or judicial proceedings. The VEGAS LEX law firm is providing you with an overview of the practice in application of the antimonopoly legislation’s provisions in March-April 2018.


Protection of business reputation on the Internet will become more efficient

According to the statistics of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the number of arbitration cases involving claims for protection of business reputation is increasing year by year. Specifically, in 2017, the number of satisfied claims under such cases increased almost double as compared to 2016. Increasingly, the data posted on the Internet becomes the reason for lodging a claim for protection of business reputation. At the same time, judicial defence in such cases becomes more complicated because of the lack of the efficient mechanism of enforcement of court judgments concerning the removal of damaging information. The recent legislative changes regarding enforcement proceedings and information are focused on creation of such mechanism.


Применимость General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) к российским компаниям

25 мая 2018 года в рамках масштабной реформы законодательства ЕС о персональных данных вступил в силу Регламент ЕС № 2016/679 "О защите физических лиц при обработке персональных данных и о свободном обращении таких данных" (Регламент или GDPR). 

Регламент распространяет свое действие не только на резидентов ЕС, но и на иностранные компании, обрабатывающие данные европей- ских граждан. Нарушение положений Регламента может повлечь штраф вплоть до 20 млн евро или 4% от мирового годового оборота за финансовый год. 

Применяется ли GDPR к вашей компании? Каковы основные требования GDPR? Ответы на эти вопросы вы найдете на схемах* в данном аналитическом обзоре.

Svetlana Zherdina , Associate of International Projects Group

Determining the approximate size of an economic entity’s market share

The VEGAS LEX group of companies has prepared analytical infographics devoted to determining the approximate size of a business entity's market share in order to effectively manage anti-monopoly risks.

Ksenia Podguzova, Associate of Commercial group

Provisions of the new Administrative Procedures Code of the Russian Federation

As part of judicial reform in the Russian Federation, on 08 March 2015, the Administrative Procedures Code was adopted. The provisions of the adopted Code will apply in the consideration of cases arising from administrative and other state relations, starting already on 15 September 2015. Moreover, the sphere regulated by this Code will include cases on which proceedings were commenced before the said date.

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
Victor Petrov, Head of Litigation practice


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