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Career and work VEGAS LEX

Having been around since 1995 and putting maximum efforts to expand and develop the team, we have built up quite a substantial portfolio of case studies of successfully implemented. On account of legal VEGAS LEX complex transactions and litigation won, bills and maintenance of major investment projects.

Many business firms have a precedent and have made the history of the Russian judicial practice. Of course, these achievements would not have been possible without the close-knit, dedicated team and the opportunities that VEGAS LEX offers to develop and strengthen the skills of our employees.

Capabilities and advantages of the firm:

  • United team and friendly corporate culture
  • Participation in strategic projects of the federal level
  • Work with the largest Russian and international clients
  • Cooperation and expertise exchange among the employees of the Firm
  • Professional development and training with the VEGAS Academy
  • Easy adaptation through the VEGAS Induction

VEGAS Academy — a calendar of events and activities 25

The corporate VEGAS LEX Academy is the center of education and improvement of qualification of our employees and outstanding students of law faculties.

The Academy offers two fields of specialization:

  • University Relations
  • Internal Relations

In its cooperation with universities, VEGAS LEX delivers lectures and takes part in optional programs of the leading universities; it organizes on-the-job training for students twice a year, in winter and in summer, giving future lawyers an opportunity to verify the rightness of the choice of their future profession and to put their knowledge into practice. In addition, since 2011, VEGAS LEX has been participating in the organization of the Russian round of the Philip Jessup international competition in public law.

The Academy for employees is represented by a system of corporate training and counseling; employees can attend internal and external training sessions meeting their professional interests, compulsory training sessions and optional classes (aimed at improvement of interpersonal communication skills, leadership skills, self-actualization, MBTI). During work on projects, experienced specialists conduct couching, share their knowledge and are always ready to give advice to their colleagues in difficult work-related situations.

The VEGAS LEX Academy helps to develop professional skills and personal competencies essential for prompt career advancement at VEGAS LEX.


Traineeship Program

Program for successfully performing students from leading universities means:

  • Opportunity to gain an insight into the lawyers’ work
  • Opportunity to put the knowledge obtained at the university into practice
  • Assistance in the right choice of the future profession
  • Gaining new professional knowledge

Formats of traineeship programs:

  • Prospective trainees are students of law faculties of leading universities (3rd -5th year, excellent performance)
  • Working at different departments, trainees can try their hand in different areas of laws
  • Students take part in training sessions, seminars and corporate events for trainees
  • After completion of the traineeship program, those who showed their worth during their work on projects are offered to work as assistants to lawyers for VEGAS LEX

Duration and schedules of programs:

Winter traineeship program:

  • The program is scheduled for one month – February
  • Full-time and part-time options
  • Resume must be submitted by November 30

Summer traineeship program:

  • The program is scheduled for one month - July
  • Full time
  • Resume must be submitted by April 30

Responsibilities of trainees:

  • Technical and legal support in working with projects
  • Analysis of the legal framework and collection of industry-specific information
  • Participation in preparing of documentation during the preliminary stage
  • Participation in preparation of legal opinions
  • Attending courts and organizational legal assistance

Selection of trainees

Selection competitions take place in December and May/June; they consist of 3 stages:

  • Written tests (general knowledge of law and knowledge of English)
  • Participation in a business game (in the office of VEGAS LEX)
  • Professional task: preparing of a memorandum based on a business case (remote participation)

Welcome Aboard!

Each employee who came to VEGAS LEX is talented, as during the selection of our personnel we consider their further growth and career advancement, regardless of the position or age.

The VEGAS LEX has its doors open for outstanding, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals. We will be happy to look into your offer, even if there are no vacancies available in the firm. For young professionals who are going to receive their diplomas of higher education, VEGAS LEX has traineeship programs, which are excellent for those who are interested in legal consulting services.

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