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VEGAS LEX's experts in the Individual Rating

The first individual lawyers' rankings introduced by* recommend as many as seven experts of the VEGAS LEX law firm.


Lucky number 13: VEGAS LEX in the 2019 Rating

According to the results of the annual Rating of law firms, VEGAS LEX law firm has been recognized in 13 branches of law.


VEGAS LEX presented an investment partnership model at 'Corporate Law 2019' Conference

On 15 November 2019, Corporate Law 2019, a large-scale conference arranged by the magazine Aktsionernoye Obshchestvo (Joint Stock Company)*, was held.


The VEGAS LEX law firm succeeded in acknowledgement of ownership for an artificially created land for the benefit of one of the largest stevedoring Russian holding company

Real Estate, Land & Construction practice of VEGAS LEX chaired by the partner and the head of the practice, Igor Chumachenko, has successfully implemented an extremely interesting and complicated project on judicial recognition of rights to an artificially created land plot (Artificial Land) in favor of one of large businesses that owns a cargo terminal with lots of permanent structures in the territory of Novorossiysk Sea Port.


VEGAS LEX and held a webinar on liability of controlling parties in bankruptcy cases

The VEGAS LEX law firm and continue a series of practical webinars relating to topical issues in bankruptcy of legal entities.


VEGAS LEX’s experts help energy consumers avoid losses

On September 24, 2019, the VEGAS LEX law firm held a business breakfast in the Marriott Moscow Grand hotel devoted to the topic of "Loss-free power supply: how can consumers avoid unexpected losses?" and involving the FAS Russia’s reps.


VEGAS LEX reviews headline-making antitrust and GDPR cases with global brands involved

On June 18, 2019, a business luncheon on the theme of "Multi-million fines in Europe: Antitrust and GDPR. Are the same precedents possible in Russia?" was held in the Moscow office of the VEGAS LEX law firm.


SPIEF-2019: financial closure of the PPP project for the construction of the coal terminal Lavna

On June 7, 2019, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the Direct Agreement and an act of financial closure were signed as part of a PPP project for the creation of the infrastructure of Murmansk seaport (the coal terminal Lavna). The law firm VEGAS LEX accompanies the project on the side of the concessionaire.


Wholesale Electric Power and Capacity Market of Russia: VEGAS LEX as Key Speaker at the Energy Forum

On December 11−13, 2019, the Areal Congress Hotel located near Moscow hosted the Wholesale Electric Power and Capacity Market of Russia: Practice and Prospects Forum arranged by BigpowerNews news agency and the Training Centre of Non-profit Partnership "Market Council". Evgeniy Rodin, Partner, Head of Energy Practice at VEGAS LEX, delivered a speech at the plenary session of the event and conducted three theme-based round-table discussions in the course of the forum.


VEGAS LEX supports a pharma company in a dispute under a main contractor agreement and a bank guarantee

VEGAS LEX's Real Estate, Land & Construction practice chaired by firm's partner Igor Chumachenko succeeded in protecting interests of a major pharmaceutical company based in Moscow outskirts. The disputes were crucial to the client and related to a main contractor agreement and a bank guarantee.


VEGAS LEX law firm marks redlines for metals market

On 11 November 2019, the International Conference "The Russian Market of Metals" was held. Anastasiya Cheredova, a senior associate of Commercial practice at VEGAS LEX, delivered a speech at the conference. The expert spoke of the main restraints of the free market conduct imposed on large companies in the sector, which should be taken into consideration in the cases of making management decisions and planning development of the companies.


Technology transfer by VEGAS LEX: contractual models, nondisclosure and SPIC

On 23 October 2019, a business breakfast devoted to the topic "Technology transfer: legal aspects" involving a rep of the Technology Transfer Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University was held in the Moscow office of the VEGAS LEX law firm.


VEGAS LEX in IFLR1000-2020 financial and corporate ranking

The VEGAS LEX law firm has been the only Russian firm to hit Tier 2 of the ranking in 'PPP and the private finance initiatives (PFI)'  for several years in a row.



On 18–20 September 2019, the VEGAS LEX law firm participated in the PROESTATE* international investment real estate forum. VEGAS LEX experts acted as speakers at the key conferences of the event and, in the midst of the forum, VEGAS LEX and RGMD held a business breakfast on the topic "Models of Implementation and Mechanisms of Financing of Real Estate Development Projects".


Growing interest in IPA: VEGAS LEX to continue sharing experience in setting up investment partnerships

On June 4, 2019, the VEGAS LEX law firm held another seminar devoted to the topic "Investment partnership as an alternative model for a joint venture" owing to great interest of the business community in the issue.


VEGAS LEX and launch a series of webinars on topical issues concerning bankruptcy of legal entities

On May 31, 2019, the VEGAS LEX law firm held a webinar in cooperation with devoted to the topic "Challenging transactions. Review and usage recommendations". The webinar constitutes the first part of the practical training for creditors and contract partners of bankrupts (entities).

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