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In this section, we have published information about the economic sectors and industries, in which our firm have gained extensive experience in project monitoring and support.

The industry-related experience of the firm is not limited to the number and the scale of the implemented projects. In a number of strategic industries, VEGAS LEX acts as an active participant of the lawmaking process, representing interests of the business community, industry-specific associations and, in some cases, the government.

The high level of legal expertise and profound knowledge of the specific nature of a particular industry or sector turn the cases we monitor into the cases having exemplary significance both for the industry and for the entire law-enforcement activity. VEGAS LEX has designated departments specializing in particular industries, such as the energy sector, pharmaceutical industry, health care, and real estate.

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Our industry expertise


Automobile industry

VEGAS LEX has many years’ experience of work with major Russian and international automotive corporations. We are entrusted by the leading automotive companies in the world.

Agricultural sector

For more than 20 years, VEGAS LEX has been providing a wide range of legal services aimed at optimizing business processes and increasing the efficiency of enterprises in the agro-industrial complex. 

Airports and Aviation

VEGAS LEX is a pioneer in consulting services provided to airlines, public authorities and airport administrations implementing infrastructure development projects through concession agreements and other mechanisms applicable to the public and private partnership, low-cost carrier projects and regional aviation development projects. We pride ourselves on our participation in one of the largest infrastructure projects over the last years – devising of the model of development of the Moscow aviation hub.


Under their belt, the experts of VEGAS LEX have extensive experience in consulting financial institutions, major banks, clients of finance companies, non-profit pension and investment funds.

Hospitality & leisure

Being highly knowledgeable of the competitive nature of the hospitality and catering business, the lawyers of VEGAS LEX offer their clients an all-inclusive package of services – from construction and tax structuring to agreements on property managements and settlements of lease or contract-related disputes.


We see our mission in creating legal possibilities for implementation of investment projects of our clients at all stages: from the project concept and Road-Show to operation. VEGAS LEX specializes in comprehensive organizational and legal support for large investment and venture projects.

Infrastructure and real estate

The lawyers of VEGAS LEX have broad experience in legal support provided to large-scale infrastructure projects of the country, including construction of facilities for the Olympic Games in Sochi and the World Footbal Championship. Our experts are aware of most of the precedents when real estate investors, developers or customers incurred financial losses due to an unforeseen situation and of all the possible options of handling such situations.

Film Industry, TV & Radio Broadcasting

High-quality legal support is the component that is as important for a successful television or cinematography project as an enthralling script and talented direction. VEGAS LEX provides consulting services to television, radio broadcasting and film production companies, covering a wide range of legal aspects.

Timber and woodworking industry

VEGAS LEX takes pride in its many years’ experience of cooperation with Russian and foreign companies operating in the timber, woodwork, pulp and paper industry. Being competent in the specific nature of the industry, we help our clients in solving legal problems of any level of difficulty, improving their business performance and preventing any potential risks.

Metals and mining

For more than 20 years the VEGAS LEX Law Firm has been offering metallurgical and mining companies a wide range of legal services – from legal support of projects for construction and servicing of mining and processing companies to preparing expert opinions regarding fees for environmental pollution. We work both with Russian and with international clients, offering the most efficient solutions based on the industry-related laws and specifics of the jude.

Oil & Gas

VEGAS LEX provides comprehensive legal support of projects in exploration, production, processing and sales of oil and gas resources; the firm represents oil companies in antimonopoly proceedings and in different types of commercial disputes. 

Science and Education

Relying on specialist knowledge and competencies of its lawyers, VEGAS LEX provides comprehensive legal support of innovative projects, offers consulting services on problems associated with intellectual property, provides assistance to the investment activity in science and education. Our client portfolio includes Skolkovo, Giprogor - the Russian Institute of Urban Development and Investment, the Scientific Center for Transportation Problems, the Research and Design Institute of Territorial Development and Transport Infrastructure, etc.

Defence Industry

VEGAS LEX is a trustworthy legal adviser of research, testing and production enterprises operating in the defense and industrial sector. Our experts take active part in the work of the RF Military and Industrial Commission, the RUIE Commission for the Defense and Industrial Sector. In our work on the assignments given by our clients we use our best efforts to have the best results.


VEGAS LEX boasts extensive experience in support services offered to industrial companies, taking into account special characteristics of production sectors, while maintaining the high level of services. Our lawyers represent interests of such major producers and manufacturers in Russia and abroad.


VEGAS LEX is a law partner and official adviser in large-scale Russian sports events such as the Olympic Games in Sochi. Among our clients we have major players of the sports industry, federal and local government authorities, developers and investors.

Services offered to company owners

Since the first days of its operation VEGAS LEX has been representing interests of owners and shareholders of largest companies of the country. Today, the firm is operating in the areas of primary importance for business: from lobbying interests of the company within legal boundaries to devising a system aimed at prevention of corporate fraud on the part of the hired personnel. Our clients are stakeholders of large Russian and foreign companies.


For many years VEGAS LEX has been providing successful legal support for major projects in insurance and re-insurance for the benefit of all participants of insurance relationships. Our clients are the Yugoria State Insurance Company, RESO-Garantia, Rosno, large airlines, industrial enterprises, entertainment and sports centers, etc.

Telecom. Media. Technology (TMT)

The lawyers of VEGAS LEX always have their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge technologies, offering their clients innovative and unconventional solutions to any legal problems in the sector of telecommunications, media, and innovations. Legal opinions and standpoints developed by our firm turn into the basis for adoption of significant decisions.

Trade and Commerce

The experts of VEGAS LEX provide comprehensive consulting services in trade business: from documenting contract relations to court litigation involving unscrupulous partners or contracting parties. VEGAS LEX also provides fundamental support in organizing fair trade by participating in the Supreme Council of Delovaya Rossiya, in the committees of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the American Chamber of Commerce, the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

Transport and Logistics

VEGAS LEX provides legal support for a wide range of projects in the transportation and logistics sectors. We devise successful legal solutions for all participants of the sectors: carriers, freight forwarders, warehouse operators, consignors and consignees. Our projects were connected with transportation by sea, by air and by land.

Transport infrastructure

The firm boasts the largest number of projects in building, improving and upgrading of transport infrastructure as compared with other Russian legal consulting firms. VEGAS LEX was among the first Russian companies to represent interests of the state in infrastructure development through concession agreements and other mechanisms applicable to the public and private partnership.

Tourism and Entertainment

We help to build large hotel chains, shopping and entertainment centers all over the country; we bring large tourism partners to the Russian market. The VEGAS LEX portfolio includes legal support and monitoring of infrastructure projects in tourism and entertainment sectors, no matter how challenging such projects can be. Among its clients VEGAS LEX has large Russian development companies, government authorities, and major hotel operators.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences

VEGAS LEX provides legal support to pharmaceutical companies and medical product manufacturers operating on the Russian market. Among our clients we have Johnson & Johnson, Covidien, SCA, Celgene, Ksantamedica, etc. Having ample experience in pharmaceutical project support, the experts of VEGAS LEX take active part in standard-setting and represent interests of the business community at major professional associations, such as the International Medical Device Manufacturers’ Association (IMEDA), the Pharmaceutical Innovations Association (InPharma), the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, expert boards of government authorities.


VEGAS LEX employs a comprehensive approach to solution of environmental problems, which arise in the course of business of our clients. We can offer the best solutions to the most challenging problems, taking into consideration the latest law-enforcement experience.


The energy production sector is supervised by the managing partner; it has been one of the focus areas of VEGAS LEX more than 20 years. Such leaders of the Russian energy sector entrust us with their strategic projects both in and outside Russia.
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