Practices Недвижимость. Земля. Строительство

Real Estate. Land. Construction

Our project portfolio includes construction and modernization of major industrial facilities, a number of modern airports, hotel and business centers, residential districts and other infrastructure facilities of federal importance.

Support of investment and construction projects:

  • Real estate transactions:
    • Comprehensive legal due diligence of assets, companies and holdings
    • Minimize the risks of parties to real estate transactions
  • Structure, revise and reconfigure relationships between investors, developers and contractors, including with regard to alterations to the economics of projects:
    • Reduce losses and protect client’s assets
  • Relationships between the customer and the principal contractor when constructing major facilities:
    • Prevent and minimize the parties’ risks based on the developed risk matrix, conflict prevention

Construction and real estate disputes:

  • In-court and out-of-court methods to resolve conflicts while preserving business relationships and prospects for cooperation of the parties
  • Protect real estate rights
  • Disputes with government agencies

Real estate management system:

  • Legal support of critical business processes
  • System for monitoring and analyzing potential risks
  • Contractual support of real estate management processes
  • Structure real estate leases:
    • Prevent and minimize the parties’ risks

Real estate investments through Mutual Investment Funds and Closed-end Mutual Funds:

  • Comprehensive support of investment activities in real estate
  • Optimum tax preferences regarding payment of profit tax
  • Project refinancing
  • Asset protection
  • Issues regarding direct ownership by foreigners of land plots designated for agriculture

PPP Projects:

  • Structuring and risk management of land, project and construction-related legal relationships
  • Finding contractual solution for land matters when conducting project and construction work taking into account the mixed financing and simultaneous performance of work

Support and structuring of development projects:

  • Fee-development
  • Joint implementation of projects (consortiums)
  • PPP projects
  • Develop financing plans
  • Develop organizational and legal models of development
  • Protect the rights of investors, owners and occupants
  • Ensure effectiveness of investments

Complex land issues:

  • Reservation, withdrawal, privatization
  • Subsoil use
  • Permission and licensing
  • Public procedures and territory zoning
  • Turnover and use of forest and agricultural lands
  • Conservation, protection zone and environmental issues

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Чем сложнее задача, тем интереснее

Партнер VEGAS LEX Александр Вязовик в интервью о вовлеченности в рабочий процесс, профессиональном невыгорании, создании судебной практики, 25-летнем юбилее фирмы и секретах успеха.

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Слушаниям по реновации показали новую высоту

Игорь Чумаченко прокомментировал ситуацию с увеличением размеров домов по программе реновации после проведения публичных слушаний.


Нарушения арендатора – проблема арендодателя: риски управляющего торговым центром

В прошлом месяце в Государственную Думу РФ был внесен законопроект "О внесении изменений в Федеральный закон от 28.12.2009 № 381-ФЗ "Об основах государственного регулирования торговой деятельности в Российской Федерации". Закон о торговле предлагается дополнить определениями "торговый комплекс", "торговый центр", а также определением "управляющая компания". 

Dmitriy Motorin, Associate of Volga directorate

National Business


Проводим годовое собрание акционеров: 8 шагов к успеху

В связи с приближающимся сроком проведения годовых общих собраний акционеров (далее –"ГОСА-19") традиционно у многих акционерных обществ возникают вопросы, связанные с созывом, подготовкой и проведением годового общего собрания акционеров.

Сollective of authors, VEGAS LEX

Joint Stock Company


Обзор изменений законодательства за II квартал 2019 года

Данный обзор отражает изменения законодательства за второй квартал этого года: как те, которые были недавно приняты, так и те, которые скоро вступят в силу.

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Analytical overview of key issues in the field of real estate, land, and construction

The VEGAS LEX Law Firm has released a collection of publications in the years 2015-2016, on current issues in the field of real estate, land, and construction.

Igor Chumachenko, Partner, Head of Real Estate, Land & Construction practice

Irina Afanasyeva, Associate of Real Estate. Land & Construction Practice


VEGAS LEX reference book: Typical commercial disputes in 2015

This publication is a “reference book” on typical commercial disputes in Russia, which will be common in the market in 2015. For each typical dispute, in this publication we present the main trends in judicial practice, and the possible and promising ways to protect the rights of entrepreneurs. This reference book on typical commercial disputes has been prepared by VEGAS LEX lawyers, the ones directly involved in the implementation of respective projects. (This legal update is available only in Russian)


The mere fact that the contractor has performed the work, does not lead to the emergence of a customer’s obligation to pay for their results (Supreme Court of RF reviewed the latest dispute involving a state contract)

In accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 702 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the Civil Code), under a contractor agreement, one party (the contractor) undertakes to perform, on the instructions of another party (the customer), some work and deliver the result to the customer, and the customer is obliged to accept the result of the work and pay for it. Similarly defined is the object of a building construction contract and the contract for the performance of contractual work for state or municipal needs. (This legal update is available only in Russian)


Land use and development in Moscow, will be approved by the Government of Moscow

In accordance with the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the TPC RF) one of the main instruments designed to ensure sustainable development of territories is zoning. As a result of zoning, a territory of the municipality is allocated territorial zones for which town planning regulations are established. (This legal update is available only in Russian)


The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on the procedure for compulsory purchase of a property located on the territory of integrated development

One of the directions for the development of land and urban planning legislation of the Russian Federation is to move from point construction to integrated development of territories. (This legal update is available only in Russian)

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