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Technology transfer by VEGAS LEX: contractual models, nondisclosure and SPIC

On 23 October 2019, a business breakfast devoted to the topic "Technology transfer: legal aspects" involving a rep of the Technology Transfer Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University was held in the Moscow office of the VEGAS LEX law firm.
Alexandra Vasyukhnova, Partner and Head of Technology and Investment group at VEGAS LEX, was the moderator and the key speaker during the event. Alexandra presented the audience with contractual models of technology transfer, spoke of difficulties of law, which one might face in the course of their implementation, and offered tools to handle such difficulties. 

Dmitry Metlyaev, Deputy Head of the Technology Transfer Center of Lomonosov MSU, revealed the specifics of technology transfer from higher educational institutions to undertakings. In his speech, the expert mentioned the models of effective liaison between universities and their industrial partners in terms of technology transfer. Dmitry dispelled the myths of restrictions associated with cooperation with state universities. 

Maxim Grigoryev, Partner, Head of special projects of VEGAS LEX, talked about opportunities and restrictions of SPIC 2.0 in terms of protection of rights and economic interests of investors in technology implementation and transfer. 

Dmitry Borodin, senior associate of Technology and Investment group at VEGAS LEX, devoted his speech to privacy protection in the case of technology transfer. The expert paid special attention to the issue of liability for violation of confidentiality restrictions and consequences of loss of confidentiality.
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