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Round-table meeting "Proving business losses in court: confirmation, denial and reduction"

10:00 — 14:00

Tverskaya, 26/1, Marriott Grand Hotel, halls Pavlovskiy + Tsarskoselsky

3 people

(maximum number from one company)


VEGAS LEX and RSPP Committee for Property and Judicial System are inviting you to attend the round-table meeting dedicated to the key trends of disputes involving the recovery of business losses and recommendations for getting the optimum result (for plaintiff or defendant).

Recently, the recovery of losses was practically infeasible. However, changes to legislation and practice reversed the statistics and approaches of courts when settling similar disputes. The choice of the manner of proving the amount of compensation and presence of cause-and-effect relationship, the specifics of certain categories of cases involving losses and proper use of options for their reduction have become the main issues.


Session 1

  • Presence and amount of losses: hypothetical, real and pre-determined losses, violator’s revenue, others.

  • Limitation of the extent of liability by contract: consideration of fault element, fairness of conditions and possibility to challenge

  • Unlawfulness vs guilt: confusion and differentiation in practice

  • Cause-and-effect relationship: direct and indirect losses, their expectedness and typical nature

Session 2

  • Force majeure and mitigation of losses: the rules and examples of exceptions of their recovery or reduction of their amount

  • Limitation period in case of recovery of losses: calculation rules, pros and cons

  • Specifics of certain categories of disputes involving the recovery of losses due to:

  • abuse of right;

  • breakdown of negotiations;

  • unreliability of representations;

  • breach of fiduciary duty

The following people are invited to participate: chief executive officers, top company managers, chief legal officers and in-house lawyers at companies.

Participation in the meeting is free of charge

For registration*, please confirm that you will participate by email at or by telephone at +7 (495) 933 08 00.

*Applications to participate in the meeting will not be accepted after 6:00 p.m. on February 19th. Participation in the seminar is allowed only after registration has been confirmed, and if there are vacant seats.

Please note that this meeting is closed to representatives from law firms and to private practice lawyers.


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