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Seminar "Leasing relationships: terminating a contract vs. changing its conditions"

10:00 — 13:00

Kosmodamianskaya emb., 52-6, Swissotel

3 people

(maximum number from one company)


The law firm VEGAS LEX, with participation on the part of the real estate development company GVA Sawyer and support from the Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, invites you to a seminar "Leasing relationships: terminating a contract vs. changing its conditions."


In conditions of economic instability, the number of disputes between those participating in leasing relationships is on the rise. Among the pressing issues that we propose discussing at the event are the following:

  • The main trends in the leasing market and in leasing relationships

  • Changing the contract's conditions when it is prolonged

  • The possibilities of changing and terminating lease agreements

  • Disputes involving changes in rental payments: time periods for preferential rent/indexation

  • Work conditions involving a percentage of sales turnover

  • Changes in the procedure for registering lease agreements and receiving lease plans that entered into force in January 2018

  • Conditions governing security deposits, land matters, and other issues

In addition, experts will talk with you about the following:

  • What must be taking into account in the contract considering the changes in the Russian Federation Civil Code in terms of legally binding relationships, and judicial practice concerning rent 

  • How to minimize the risk of conflict between lessors and lessees and avoid losses

  • How two parties can negotiate in a correct manner to arrive at a consensus

The following people are invited to participate: departmental directors, top company managers, chief legal officers, and in-house lawyers at companies that are involved in leasing relationships


Elena Shevchuk, Vice-President for commercial real estate GVA Sawyer

Natalya Abroskina, Lead Specialist for retail property GVA Sawyer

Participation in the event is free of charge

To register*, please confirm that you will participate by email at or by telephone at +7 (495) 933 08 00.

*Applications to participate in the event will not be accepted after 6:00 p.m. on February 16th. Participation in the seminar is allowed only after registration has been confirmed, and if there are free slots.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this event is not open to representatives from law firms or to private practice lawyers.  

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