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SPIC 2.0: Mechanism for development of innovations and introduction of modern technologies

On 2 August 2019, the President of the Russian Federation signed a legislative package concerning significant reforms for the mechanism of special investment contracts. Amendments refer to legal regulation in industrial policy and affect tax and fiscal legislation.

In this review, VEGAS LEX experts have analyzed changes, goals and prospects of the updated SPIC mechanism.

Alexander Sitnikov, Managing partner
Maxim Grigoryev, Partner, Head of Southern directorate, Head of special projects
Alexandra Vasyukhnova, Partner, Head of Technology and Investment group
Natalia Abtseshko, Head of International projects group
Artem Gasparyan, Associate of Southern directorate

The alcoholic products market: actual problems, regulation, litigation

The alcohol market occupies a leading position among the other branches of the food sector in Russia, bringing considerable income into the state budget. During the years 2012-2014, as a result of a sharp increase in excise rates on alcoholic beverages, and the general deterioration of the economic situation, retail sales of alcohol in Russia decreased by almost one quarter, due to outflow of consumers to the illegal sector. In this regard, the Federal Service for the Regulation of the Alcohol Market in Russia has taken a number of measures, which in 2015, were able to halt the decline in retail sales of alcoholic beverages

Natalia Abtseshko, Head of International projects group
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