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What can be considered as the real time limit for an appeal of a court decision?

In practice, cases often arise where the arbitration court of the first instance indicates an incorrect term for appeal against a ruling, which leads to a refusal of an applicant’s appeal, due to missing of the deadline to appeal.


LinkedIn is blocked in Russia for violation of the data protection requirements

Russian courts ruled to block access to LinkedIn in Russia due to non-compliance with the requirements for  personal data localization and data protection. The courts declined LinkedIn's arguments that it had no legal presence in Russia and was not properly informed about the claim. This is the first case when a foreign web-service was blocked for non-compliance with the personal data localization / data protection requirements.


The powers of the court of cassation: assessment of the law, lack of evidence

Can a court of cassation facilitate the implementation of procedural law (for example, the right to present evidence, objections to the opponent’s arguments, etc.) by means of sending a case for a new trial in the lower court? An answer to this question was obtained after reviewing the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on case No. A76-2453/2015.


Судебный акт принят не в пользу компании. Как добиться приостановления его исполнения

Когда суд сочтет поворот исполнения судебного акта затруднительным

Какие документы подтвердят плохое финансовое состояние общества

В каких случаях удастся обжаловать определение о приостановлении исполнения судебного акта


The Russian Federation Supreme Court summed up practices for cadastral cases

On November 30th, 2016, the Presidium of the Russian Federation Supreme Court approved of a review for those cases that involve disputing the refusal to perform cadastral registration. The Presidium summed those points of dispute that arise during cadastral registration proceedings for real estate assets. The review takes into account recent changes in legislation in the area of government cadastral registration – in particular the provisions that entered into force starting January 2017 (with the exception of certain individual provisions) under Federal Law No. 218-FZ, dated July 13th, 2015, entitled “On state registration of real estate”, which provides for, among other things, uniting government real estate cadastral information and the United State Register of Rights to Real Estate Property and Real Estate Transactions into a Single State Real Estate Register – as well as other recent changes in relevant statutory regulations. We will consider the key explanations related to the particularities of performing cadastral registration.


The problems with protecting pharmaceutical companies’ patent rights during the public procurement of medicinal products

This article analyzes the problems involved with protecting pharmaceutical companies’ patent rights during the public procurement process for medicinal products, with an aim to developing possible ways to resolve them. In the author’s opinion, established existing legislative mechanisms possess sufficient potential to protect pharmaceutical companies’ interests effectively. However, to unlock that it is essential to reconsider some of the approaches that have taken shape in judicial practice. 


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