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Seminar "Business correspondence 2.0: ways of mitigating antitrust risks and protecting trade secrets"

10:00 — 14:00, Регистрация с 9:30 до 10:00

52 Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya, Bldg. 5, 8th floor (VEGAS LEX office)


Ksenia Podguzova, Senior Associate of Commercial group

Business activities are usually accompanied with systematic risks of violating antitrust and trade secret legislation. These risks involve essential property-related and reputational costs and expenditure for the companies and their employees. Correspondence between the employees, which is seized during unscheduled audits or is used by people (competitors, contracting partners), who believe that their rights and interests are violated, keeps playing a significant role in proving antitrust violations.

The VEGAS LEX law firm invites you to take part in the seminar devoted to mitigation of risks originating with regard to business correspondence between employees of companies. In the course of the event, we shall identify the key words and expressions, using which may speak to signs of violation of legislation. We will review and examine certain practical examples, including latest cases considered by FAS Russia and will give recommendations relating to exclusion of relevant risks.

Who is the target audience?

  • Law office specialists and compliance specialists of companies of diverse fields; participation in the seminal would enable them to implement the information received in the course of workshop in their in-house training.
  • Employees of business department of companies, who wish to have a “road map” relating to word indicators and “trigger” situations, which may be regarded as signs of antitrust violations and violations of trade secret laws.
  • Any specialists, who wish to increase their level in drafting letters and to improve their correspondence skills.

The efficient programme of staff training in the course of practical workshops enables companies to minimize essentially risks of violation of legislation and facilitates successful protection of rights and interests of the companies in relationships with antimonopoly authorities during audits and consideration of antitrust violation cases. Major companies use guidelines and recommendations prepared by VEGAS LEX’s experts in the course of implementation of antitrust compliance policies.


Unit 1. Evidential significance of business correspondence. Main risks for companies and officials

In this unit we will study in details the following issues:

  • structure of business correspondence;

  • identification of business correspondence as evidence;

  • peculiarities of work with requests from antimonopoly authorities;

  • liability for violation of antitrust laws and trade secret legislation.

Unit 2. Business correspondence as a way to mitigate risks of recognizing behavior of a company and officials as violation of antitrust legislation

In this unit we are going to:

  • review key words and expressions, use of which may testify for signs of:

‒             conclusion and implementation of an antitrust agreement or coordination of the economic activity;

‒             violation of antitrust requirements for procurement procedures;

‒             person’s abuse of dominant position;

‒             perpetrating acts of unfair competition;

‒             availability of corruption risks

  • analyze practical use of words and sentences and lexical peculiarities of building phrases for the purposes of preparing a “road map” for exclusion of risks;
  • examine practical cases of antitrust violations and relevant consequences and effect.

Unit 3. Peculiarities of protecting trade secret in business correspondence

In this unit we are going to:

  • analyze key approaches to protection of trade secret and necessary precautions relating to business correspondence;

  • study cases of violating trade secret legislation and relevant consequences;

  • consider possibility of being brought to administrative and criminal responsibility in the event of violating trade secret laws.

Unit 4. General guidelines and recommendations as per business correspondence

In this unit we will study key rules for organization of written communication and typical mistakes made when drafting business letters.

Unit 5. Case Study

This unit involves interactive communication with the audience and review of certain practical cases.


Participation fee: 15 000 RUB + VAT

The language of the workshop is Russian.

Preregistration is required, the number of participants is limited.

If you are going to take part in the seminar, please fill in the e-form here.

Please note that this event is a closed event organized for representatives of law and consulting firms and for private lawyers.

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