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Seminar "Advertising for the pharmaceutical industry. Practical ways to preclude risks"

10:00 — 14:00

52 Kosmodamianskaya naberezhnaya, Bldg. 5, 8th floor (VEGAS LEX office)

5 people

(maximum number from one company)


The law firm VEGAS LEX invites you to a seminar called "Advertising for the pharmaceutical industry. Practical ways to preclude risks" - this was developed in-house because of the turbulent times experienced in 2017 for advertising medicinal products in terms of regulatory enforcement practices.

Participating in the seminar will allow you to:

  • To see an overall analysis of case law decisions in the pharmaceutical sector for the 2012-2017 time period

  • To put together individual "roadmaps" to even out the risks, and receive information on practical ways to analyze and evaluate advertising materials

  • To get an idea of additional preventive measures to put in place in the company's internal compliance system when planning product promotion strategies in the pharmaceutical market

Who is the seminar designed for?

  • For company employees at pharmaceutical drug manufacturers who develop materials to promote their products on the market and are responsible for the strategic planning of  promotion campaigns

  • For specialists in compliance and lawyers that work with pharmaceutical drug manufacturers' compliance management systems

  • For employees at companies that manufacture medicinal products and biologically active supplements, since those markets might adopt the approaches that are emerging in regulatory enforcement practices for advertising medicinal products

  • For members of professional associations that consolidate the ambiguous issues inherent in regulatory enforcement practices, as well as deal with contentious issues related to advertising products made by their corporate participants

The seminar program includes:



Module 1.

Regulatory enforcement practice in 2017. "A risk management roadmap"

We will conduct an analysis on, and draw conclusions from, actual practice in 2017 in cases involving advertising pharmaceuticals, and together we will draw up a "roadmap" to guide marketing specialists when choosing promotion strategies.

Module 2.

The current vector for how practice is developing in the context of approaches adopted previously

We will analyze the previous development of real trends in regulatory enforcement practices. Together, we will attempt to answer questions about how to make sure that practice works in the company's favor, and not the other way around.

Module 3.

Methods for analyzing and evaluation advertising scenarios

We will go through typical "checklists" that can be used to check advertising materials, and will analyze certain "techniques" to check those materials (including from the game theory perspective).

Module 4.

Case Study

We will use specific examples to illustrate how a legal risk management strategy can work together with creative advertising techniques. We will look at how the "roadmap" we developed can be applied in practice.




Please, make sure to confirm your participation in the seminar by email at the address or by telephone at the number +7 (495) 933 0800.

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